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Enhanced Cooling
Food Safety Experts
Profitable Solutions
Enhanced Cooling
Food Safety Experts
Profitable Solutions

Custom Solutions for Processing of Fresh Food

Industries We Serve

Our solutions deliver high-quality food products


The patented IceGun® system ensures effective cooling and reduced bacteria growth in poultry during processing


Our solutions deliver high-quality seafood products, while both ensuring food safety and reducing food waste


Through effective cooling, our systems can successfully reduce weight loss in meat during processing

What We Do

The unique patented IceGun® technology is being used in poultry production, delivering a significant reduction in harmful bacteria, extended shelf life, and reduced food waste.

Thor Ice slurry ice systems can be used to effectively cool various fresh foods like poultry, seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables. 

How We Work



Indicate your needs and we recommend the kind of system that would suit you best.


We provide a free on-site measurement to assess your needs, followed by a quote.


We produce an advanced cooling system that meets your goals and requirements.


We install the completed system, provide instructions on its operation and follow up.

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