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Delivering rapid chilling, reduced weight loss & extended shelf life

Chilling Solutions for Reduced Weight Loss

Through our work in the poultry and seafood industry, we have been asked if we can reduce the weight loss in the chilling tunnel in beef and pig production. This request has led us to believe that the same methods and equipment can be used to reduce weight loss in other areas than poultry. 

In poultry, we reduce weight loss by 0.5-2%. We are now carrying out the first tests with meat and are willing to discuss this with producers interested in this method. 

Our poultry chilling solution involves the patented IceGun® solution, developed specifically for poultry processing, but which can be adapted for meat processing. The IceGun® is used to chill colder and more rapidly than existing technologies and it helps increase freshness that customers and governmental controls demand, while extending shelf life and increasing chilling throughput of the system. 

By using controlled slurry ice as a chilling substance and applying the Thor Ice chilling solution, processors can successfully improve chilling without making radical and expensive changes to the production processes. Our plug-in and bolt-on solutions save time and money without interrupting production flow. The system can be fitted to existing production lines.  

Meat Chilling & Processing

Across the industry, there has been increased attention on bacterial counts, energy costs, and weight loss on the existing lines. Thor Ice has developed retrofit or bolt-on systems that are fully controllable and economical. Their low investment cost saves energy and speeds up production with an optimising effect on operations and the environment. 

Return on investment is usually less than a year. Producers are satisfied as they avoid having high investments in and around the chilling chambers, since Thor Ice solutions easily fit into any existing setup by boosting chilling results. 

Our systems are intended for all sizes of producers. Thor Ice slurry ice machines and systems have been developed by and in close collaboration with well established European poultry producers, food institutes, and teams of scientists. We offer solutions that vary in size and can be adjusted to each client’s preferences. 

Targeted Chilling

The IceGun® solution targets specific areas to ensure rapid and effective chilling. Our main target area is where the meat has been cut to stop any losses. With controlled chilling, this area can be repeatedly targeted to reduce evaporation. 

The IceGun® can also be used to target other areas in the beginning of the chilling process. This has given good results in poultry processing and reduced evaporation. 

Chilling in Primary, Secondary & Further Processing

Ice slurry can be used in almost any area of the processing cycle, due to its versatile characteristics. The ice can be pumped anywhere in the factory and used in various ways: 

  • In the chilling room, targeting areas that need rapid chilling to stop weight loss.
  • Chilling smoked and cooked pork to reduce weight loss in processing.
  • Applied with IceGuns® in areas where quick chilling is needed. 
  • Applied indirectly, as rapid chilling medium that does not touch the surface directly. 

Main Benefits of the IceGun® Solution

  • Improved yield.
  • Reduced growth of harmful microbes.
  • Full monitoring and control from harvesting to consumption.
  • Optimised operational costs.
  • Extended shelf life.

The system is modular and is designed to complement spray chilling for more efficient chilling of poultry. It uses special spray nozzles, IceGuns®, to apply ice slurry inside and/or outside as it passes through the chilling lines. The IceGuns® are designed to spray ice slurry at the correct concentration and temperature to maximise cooling efficiency. The number of IceGuns® and their position will differ at each site in order to adapt to the individual processes and to maximise the desired results. 

Abilities Our Solution Offers

  • Access an innovative hardware and software toolbox: slurry ice machines, storing and distribution units, IceGuns®, data warehouse and reporting tools. 
  • Rapidly reach lower temperatures and maintain them all the way to the consumption. 
  • Deliver rapid chilling and lower temperature that will reduce bacteria growth and extend shelf life of products. 
  • Increase production capacity without making costly modifications to the existing chilling chamber and processing line, as the system works as a plug-in into existing systems. 
  • Keep the moisture inside the meat by chilling rapidly. 
  • Chilling from the inside will increase the total area of the meat to be chilled. 
  • Adjust targeted chilling by aiming the IceGuns® at the chosen target areas. 
  • Chill before the blast/spiral freezer and ensure faster freezing time and reduce costs. 
  • Reach lower temperature before packaging and storing of products. 
  • Maintain and improve results with the proactive data monitoring, documentation of the temperature during processing with online monitoring and a data warehouse. 

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