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Story Behind the Company

In 2003, we started out designing slurry ice generators to chill fish. The company has since evolved and in 2014 Thor Ice Chilling Solutions was started to concentrate on the cooling of poultry, meat and fish, providing complete solutions using ice in unique ways. 

Our passion has always been environmental, reducing waste and utilising our natural resources as best as possible. Fish is a scarce natural resource and it is painful to see fish wasted due to lack of cooling, something that could be prevented.

Handling food products properly, with care, and chilling to correct temperatures is a not a cost, it is something that has a short payback money-wise.

We have reduced weight loss in poultry production, increased yield, and reduced bacteria in a very environmental way, only using water and salt with no chemicals added.

Today, 30-50% of food is wasted before being consumed in Europe. Over 70% of all water used in Europe and 21% of the carbon footprint comes directly from food production. With 30% of food being wasted, this means that 21% of the water supply is wasted and 7% of the carbon footprint could be reduced, if we eliminate food waste. It is quite clear that a lot of food is wasted due to the lack of proper cooling.

Through the years we have learned to use ice and developed methods to shoot and spray the ice to correct cooling points through targeted chilling. We now have a patent for the IceGun® and will be applying for further patents in the next few months, all in the area of raw food chilling.

We are expanding staff, sales, and production, while keeping in mind our environmental values and goals to reduce waste and take care of the environment.

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